Computational Math & Physics 200

CM 200

Why should I take this course?

  1. This course allows you to visualize and explorer the world of mathematics and physics using Mathematica.
  2. Those who want to learn computational mathematics, perhaps to become the founder/president of such a club in school.

What does this course teach?

CM 200 teaches students to use Mathematica to perform the following mathematical tasks using computers.  See syllabus below.

Why use Mathematica?

Detailed information: Why we use Mathematica

Mathematica is the most powerful software for mathematics in the world.  Its functional programming language is difficult for people already trained in procedural languages such as C++ or Java.  But when students learn Mathematica as the first language, they can learn it easily just as their human first language.

With no other software can students create so much with so little time and effort.

How is this course taught?

This course is taught by e-Learning lectures with a discussion forum and office hours to answer student’s questions.  There are no scheduled live classes.

How many hours per week do I need to spend to study for this course?

The e-Learning lectures will be open for 10 weeks if you took this course by itself.  (It will stay open for the duration of the course if you are taking other courses that include CM 200).  However, you should not plan on studying a few minutes a day for 70 days.  Studying a computer language is very much like exercises or musical instrument practice.  That is, you cannot break it down to a few minutes here and there because warm up alone takes much longer than that.

You would need to sit down at least for an hour to make any progress in this course.  The whole course would take about 10 such 1+ hour focused sit down sessions.  How many times you do it per week is up to you.  However, the shorter the interval between sessions, the more effective you will be in retaining and learning.

So, don’t count on using all 10 weeks.  You should be able to finish the whole course in a few days if you do it right.

What are the requirements for this course?

  1. You must have finished CM 100.
  2. Must have finished Calculus BC and Physics C.
  3. Must have the latest version of Mathematica (Purchase Mathematica) installed on the computer.

How do I enroll in this course?

  1. (Only if this is your first Sabio course) Fill out this form and pay $50 registration fee to create your ID/password in our database.
  2. For those who are taking on this this course, make sure you checked all the requirements above, then make a payment of $199.  The lectures will work for 10 weeks from the time you enter the activation code.
  3. This course is included for those who are enrolled in either Computational Calculus or Computational Physics.


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