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Why do we recommend is this course to 7th, 8th and 9th graders?

This is a course that can completely consolidate your lead, or transform your position in your math career. If you are more ambitious, then you can take our AP Calculus course once you complete this course and take the AP Calculus exam in May, 2015.

Not everyone can handle this Trigonometry.  You need to meet the following conditions for you to have a chance to succeed in this Trig/Calc

  • Finished at least Algebra 2 (if you finished Trigonometry, then go here)
  • Are willing to spend at least one hours a day studying math
  • Are willing to watch the recording of the class if you miss any of the lessons.

We ask you to be determined and driven.  We are not asking you to be a super student because, if you have any weaknesses, we will work with you.

This is your chance to transform yourself into a math wizard in one year.


How is this course taught?

This course is taught as a live class via the Internet.  Using WebEx software and webcams, you will see and talk to the teacher and your classmates as if everyone is in the same room.  This means you can take this course from anywhere in the world with the Internet access.

All classes are recorded and provided to students for download/replay.  By downloading them, you can keep and review the lectures indefinitely.

We also offer pre-recorded lectures we call e-Learning.  These are lectures are short (under 5 minutes) and to the point without any distractions.  These lectures also use animations and simulations extensively to make understanding intuitive and instinctive.  A large part of teaching will be done by this e-Learning and students are expected to study them before joining the class.


Students learn trigonometry everyday school day in school. How can you cover everything by teaching once a week?

There is no way we can cover everything by learning for 24 hours (16 sessions × 90 minutes) Although we will set up “office hours” in which you can ask questions, most of the learning will actually happen during 1. e-Learning lecture study and 2. your self study with the textbook.  In other words, you will do the most studying on your own.  That’s the right way and the only way for you to learn well.  If you study only during our class time, you will learn well.

Will there be homework?

Most definitely.  Some will be online homework that is automatically graded, others will be graded manually.

How many hours per session do I need to spend to study for this course?

We expect students to spend from 1 to 3 hours after each session on their own to study.  This does not include class time or office hours.

What are the requirements for this course?

  1. You must have a headset communicate with the teacher.
  2. You must have a tablet to write during the class
  3. You must have a webcam (any of these models will work) to show your attitude to the teacher and classmates.
  4. Must be learning or have finished Algebra 2
  5. Must have the latest version of Mathematica (purchase here) installed on the computer used for class.
  6. We recommend that everyone uses a webcam during the class.  Webcams are inexpensive these days.  Any of these models will work.

Who is teaching this course?


Do I need to buy a textbook?

How long is this course?

90 minutes per session.  Two sessions a week for 8 weeks  = 24 hours of instructions.

Do I need to learn Mathematica for this class?

Yes.  We will teach you how to use it from the start.  Mathematica is an integral part of this class.  You not only need to learn how to use it, you have to use it during the class to answer teacher’s questions.

Why do you use Mathematica in this course?  No one else is using it.

Trigonometry and precalculus are one of the most visual subject of them all.  In fact, those who are good at trigonometry are those who are good at visualizing.  Once visualized, most students can understand trigonometry intuitively and instinctively without having learn all these theorems and proofs.

However, until now, everyone has been forced to learn it analytically, that is, by using equations and symbols.  Those, only those who born with visualization skills found it easy while the rest of us remembered it as a nightmare.  If we could learn the same concept with shapes and movements, then not only trigonometry but the whole calculus and multivariable calculus will become trivially simple.  Mathematica is the tool that makes visualization possible.

When does the course start?


How much is the tuition?

Early registration: $765.00

Pay on time: $864.00

How do I enroll in this course?

  1. (Only if this is your first Sabio course) Fill out this form and pay $50 registration fee to create your ID/password in our database.
  2. Make sure you checked all the requirements above, then make an appropriate payment below by clicking the session of your choice.


  1. Mathematica Functions and Graphs. (chapter 1, 2)
  2. Radian Measurement Unit Circle. (chapter 3)
  3. Graphs of Sine, Cosine, Tangent  (chapter 4)
  4. CSC, Sec and Cot
  5. Trigonometric Identities Sum Difference
  6. Double and Half Angle
  7. Trigonometric Equations
  8. Inverse Trigonometric functions
  9. Law of Sines and Cosines
  10. Vectors, Polar Equations, Graphs
  11. Complex Numbers,
  12. Powers and Roots of complex numbers
  13. Parametric Equations, Graphs
  14. 3D Parametric Equations
  15. Spherical Coordinates Graphs
  16. 3D Vectors, Dot and Cross Products

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