SAT Physics

These e-Learning lectures made by Dr. James Choi will teach you everything you need to know to ace the SAT Physics Test in 42 hours 48 minutes 55 seconds. Dr. Choi has taken the SAT Physics test close to 20 times (he is still taking it to be updated on its trend), and received an 800 every time. He will teach you every chapter knowing exactly how you will be asked. By answering his “What if …. ?” questions, and seeing his clear explanations, you will be very well prepared to ace the SAT Physics.

Free Sample Lectures

The entire Chapter 3 lectures are free.  Please watch all modules for you to have an accurate feel for how the rest of the lectures are structured.
Click on “(Free Lectures) 2D Motion, Vectors” menu on the left side to view free lectures.  Or you can download the whole chapter from here.
You can also use these lectures to study for your AP Physics.  These lectures do not go into enough depth for the AP Physics Test, but this will give you an excellent overview of what the topic is about.  These lectures will be best used if you preview them before you learn the topic in your school class.


Pricing and Purchase:

  • $   249.01    1 month
  • $   399.03    3 months
  • $   649.06    6 months
  • $   999.12  12 months
  • $1,999.36  36 months

Please contact the Sabio office to purchase the lecture.

The textbook we use for SAT and AP Physics B isPhysics 5th or 6th edition by Giancoli.  You have to purchase the book (either new or used) on your own from any vendor. 

If you purchase the fifth edition, you can find the equivalent 6th edition problems by using this correlation document.


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