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Equations and diagrams that are needed for studying Math/Physics cannot be done with a keyboard. A tablet is necessary to freely draw and write on the whiteboard. We found a new generation of more affordable tablets.

You can purchase it by clicking one of the picture above (You need to disable Ad Block for this page to see it).  These two tablets are identical inside, but are packaged with different brands. Their price change frequently. We are showing both so that you can pick the lowest priced one of the day.

These tablets in the picture do not require a special configuration. It just works when you plug it into the computer. For those who have having delays and other problems, please refer to our Tablet Configuration page.


Students must use a headset for Live Classes. (They can use speakers for e-Learning Lecture or Recorded Class). Speakers cannot be used for any live situation because it causes a severe and annoying echo for everyone else in the class. There are many models in the market but we require the one shown above (You need to disable Ad Block for this page to see it). If you have a headset already, you should call echo123 on Skype to check the background noise before using it in class. Students with noisy headset will be asked to mute their microphone when they are not talking.

Dual Monitor

Studying becomes much easier when you have two monitors side by side.  Any computer (desktop and laptop/notebook) can be turned into dual monitor configuration by using this simple device.  Just plug it into the USB port, install the driver that comes with it, then you have a dual monitor computer.  You need to buy another monitor but any monitor in the market today would work whether an analog type (VGA) or digital type (DVI).  The manual says you can connect up to five adapters (=five extra monitors)


You will be required to print out worksheet, do the homework or take the test, scan it then send it to us.

You can use any scanner you like. The one on the left is the lowest priced model that we have tested and found to work well.

Internet Access

Please run this Network Speed Test (please choose Chicago) to measure your network speed. it should be at least 1Mbit/sec for both directions. Any lower speed will cause connection problems.


Before students can attend their first class, they must pass our WebEx Test.

WebEx (free) installation file is here.

The WebEx Test preparation instructions, test problems and test answers are all here.

e-Learning Environment

When students are attending Live Class, they need an environment where they can study focused. This is not only for the students but also for the classmates. Because the communication is two-way, any noise from the surrounding is transmitted to all the classmates at all times. Being far away from the microphone does not guarantee silence. Sounds from dish washing , dogs barking, and excited conversation can travel far. site

Both parents and students must use site to access recorded classes and reports.

Training for Parents
Training for Students


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