How to study Physics and Calculus

How to study Physics and Calculus

By James H. Choi
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Calculus and Physics courses unlike any other courses I teach.  The way I see it, you learned all other math courses so that you can learn these two courses.  Yes, they are that important.  They will change the way think, and the way you see the world.  You will gain a sharper penetrating insight to the phenomena around you.

Learning calculus and physics can be actually pleasurable, as pleasurable as eating good food, or visiting exciting places.  Let’s suppose you like to visit Venice.  Would you prefer to be there yourself?  Or would you prefer to hear from someone who was there.

I think all of you would want to be there.  You would want to experience it.  However, the second option has its own benefits.  It is much faster and easier.  You can finish 2 week vacation in just 1 hour of listening to someone tell you how great it was.

The same choice, and trade-off exists in calclus and physics courses.  You can experience the pleasure yourself, or you can hear about it from me.  There are subjects that I prefer to get it over with quickly.  But calculus and physics, you should experience it, just like Venice or Rome.  Every time I teach you something in this course, I am stealing that pleasure from you.  And you end up learning less.

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What is amazing about physica and calculus that you learn is that you could have invented/discovered it yourself.  Yes, it is that simple and obvious.  I am going to guide you the the edge of the city.  When I ask you to go in there and see for yourself, follow my instructions.  You will be glad you did.  You will get to know what it feels to discover the secret of how this universe works.  Is it not only more fun, but you also score higher in the exams too.  Imagine taking a geography test on a town where you grew up, or a history test on your own life.  That’s how simple and obvious calculus and physics tests will seem once you experience them first hand.

This “experiencing” is called “doing homework problems.”  But unlike other boring and repetitive homework you did before, these courses will be different.  At first you won’t notice it.  You will have to believe me, and go along with me at first.  Then, you will begin to see the universe revealing its secrets.  You will get hooked.  Unlike other things you got hooked before, such as video games, this one will lead you to a fulfilling and high paying career always full of toys (latest electronic gagets you NEED to do your research).

Can’t beat that.

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