How We Teach

Different students learn at different rates.  At Sabio Research students learn the fastest and the fullest without being affected by the classmates’ progress thanks to our unique and effective pedagogy.

Our students learn in three different ways

  1. By studying e-Learning lectures (sample 1, sample 2) which students can play on their computer unlimited number of times for the duration of the course. The e-Learning lectures are detailed and thorough.  Students can first learn how to do perform a certain task by typing what they see on the lecture.  Then truly understand the problem by solving homework problems.  (sample) Homework is graded.  Students will need to get 90% to move up to the next level course.  Those who didn’t make 90% can either retake the course, (The e-Learning lectures stop working after the course duration.) or self-study with their notes to achieve the 90% level score.
  2. By asking questions on our Q&A Discussion Forum.  All students questions will be answered within 48 hours.  Some questions may be answered by text reply, and others may be answered by a special e-Learning lecture.
  3. By asking the teacher during our live discussion session. (sample it is more interesting in the second half) (Optional.  Not available for all courses.  Make sure to check the discussion session availability and schedule before registering for the course if this is important to you.)  This discussion session is not a class.  Students are expected to have learned the lessons using e-Learning, and use this discussion sessions to discuss finer points or different perspectives of their research.  Students are free to ask any questions related to the course and their research.  Those who could not attend the session can view the recording of the discussion sessions.  If students cannot attend the discussion sessions but want to have their topic discussed, then they can post it in the Q&A Group Forum, and it will be discussed during the class which will be recorded for a later viewing.  In case this live discussion session could not be run for any reason (power/Internet outage, illness, schedule conflict, or any other reason) there won’t be any make up.