SR110 Scientific Data Processing

Who can take this course?

This course assumes that you have successfully finished SR100, and builds on it.

Who should take this course?

SR 110 teaches students to analyze and process scientific data ranging from the weather data to population data.  This course is ideal for the future scientists and science competition aspirants.

When is it run?

This course is self paced.  It means all the classes/lectures are already recorded and students can view them at their own pace.  For those who opt for guided studies can

  • Join during the office hours to ask questions
  • Use discussion group to post questions which will be answered within 48 hours

For those who opt for Independent Study (=Self Study) (current not available) can

  • Use discussion group to post questions which will be answered within 48 hours

Tell me more about your office hours.

James Choi will hold office hours for his students at least two to three times a week.  It will be held online via WebEx, the same way the classes are taught.  Students can drop by to ask questions.  The date and time will be announced on your course page.

Will there be homework?

Most definitely.  Some will be online homework that is automatically graded and others will be graded manually.

What are the requirements for this course?

  1. You must have a headset communicate with the teacher if you join the office hour.
  2. Must have the latest version of Mathematica (Purchase Mathematica) installed on the computer used for attending class.

Who is teaching this course?

The instructor is James Choi.

How much is the tuition?

  • Guided Study: 10 weeks of unlimited lecture use + office hours  $600 (Subject to change when the new version comes out)
  • Independent Study (=Self Study) (currently not available)

How do I enroll in this course?

  1. (Only if this is your first Sabio course) Fill out this form and pay $50 registration fee to create your ID/password in our database.