How to enter homework/test

For all types

Unless otherwise specified, there is no time limit.

You can save your work, leave, comeback to resume your work unlimited times by clicking the “Next” button but by NOT clicking the “Submit” button.

You can submit your work only once.  You do it by clicking the “Next” button then clicking the “Submit” button.

If there is a “Check”  button, you may check if your answer is correct before submitting.  Different quizzes have different number of tries allowed, and there are different percent of point deduction for wrong answers.  Both the number of tries and the point deductions are based on the number of alternatives you have.  You will be given the solution when you get the problem right, or run out of tries.

If there is no “check” button, you must submit the whole homework/test to find out how you did.  Soon as you submit, you will see full solution.

Type 1 Homework Free Response

Press the shift key then click the link below: your homework/test page and click the next lines for instructions.  After formatting the equations as shown in the lectures below, all you have to do is copy and paste the code into our discussion or homework field and submit.

Your submission will be graded manually by a teacher or assistant at a later time.  But you how well you did because you will see the full solution.

Type 3 Homework Algebraic Input

You can verify that what you have entered by clicking the “Display Response” button.  The following table shows “desired input” → “what to type to get it”.

All variables can have only one alphabet character.  When you have more than one, anything after the first one is considered a subscript.  If you want to multiply two variables, you must use * between them.

Greek alphabets are spelled out.  Only lower case ones are allowed.

 a_1 → a1   v_x → vx  vx → v*x  v_{xi} → vxi
 x^2 →x^2  a_x^2 →ax^2  ax^2 →a*x^2  ax^2+bx+c →a*x^2+b*x+c
 \alpha → alpha  \alpha_1 → alpha1  \beta → beta  \beta_1 → beta1
 \frac{a}{b} → a/b  \sqrt{x} → sqrt(x)  \pi → pi  e^\pi → e^pi
\sin{a(t-b)} →sin(a*(t-b)) \cos{\sqrt{ax}} → cos(a*x) \tan{t} → tan(t)
 \log{t} → log(t)  \log_b{t} → log(t)/log(b)  \ln{t} → ln(t)

Type 4 Numerical Input

Enter your answers using numbers only.  Do not enter the unit.  Make sure to convert your answer to the given unit if specified.

 Type 5 Direct PDF Input

You can either type or hand-write your answers directly into a PDF file by following these instructions.

How to wirte on PDF 01m24sAZ