SR900 Research Mentoring

This service is suitable for students who have finished most of the training, and are preparing to enter a science competition or an internship at a research laboratory.  Typically students would have finished SR100 Introduction to Data Analysis and SR110 Scientific Data Processing, or their equivalent.  If necessary, students will also have to take SR205 Image Processing.

The mentoring will start with research topic selection, then move on to the following categories.

  • Research topic selection
  • Research planning
  • Consulting on research’s progress and difficulties
  • Thesis/Report writing and corrections
  • Preparation to enter a science competition
  • Mentoring on how to deal with the judges
  • Finding internship opportunity and preparing students for the position

Our goals is to prepare students to the level of winning a science competition, or becoming a co-author (5th author is an honor for a high school student) in case of research internship.

Mentoring is provided on case-by-case, as-needed basis for individual students by Dr. James Choi or other experts in the field of student’s research topic.  We teach our students to learn and conduct research on their own.  The report they submit will be 100% their knowledge written by the students.  Sabio does not ghost write for the students.

For registration, please fill out the SR900 Science Fair Mentoring Request Form

For students who are new to Sabio, in addition to filling out the SR900 Mentoring Request Form, contact

Our fees are subject to change without notice for new students.  Please verify before you register.